Grounded.  Not the type of grounded of “oh my goodness I will not see the light of day because I am grounded for a week”, but a grounded by a gravitational force pulling the tides towards inward and  outward.  Or like a feather I am pulled to where the wind calls me and my calling I feel already has landed me south right above the gulf coast.  For some reason, I cannot explain why I feel grounded to a place that I have only been to a couple of times.  But, the memories and realizations that I had during my time in New Orleans will be enough to thrill and fill a lifetime.  I’ve had amazing volunteer experiences while staying in New Orleans, something I could only describe as well…you just have to see if for yourself.  I truly appreciate all of my past volunteer experiences – the tuning of young unknowing students like myself from bystanders to advocates just from immersing myself into the community, the culture, and the LIFE style.  So why this site does exists?  I hope to go back again someday and bring more volunteers with me, if you are one of those people you are more than welcome to join.  Support NOLA – VOLUNTEER!