Want to volunteer?  Check out the websites listed for some great resources on how to find out about the volunteer opportunities that are available to you.  Whether you are looking for a short term or long term experience there are nonprofit organizations out there desperately seeking young and willing volunteers to join the spirit of community service!  Hurricane relief trips do not just come in the form or rebuilding houses, hurricane relief is all encompassing not only devastating material structures but also internal social, political, and economic structures to the very foundation to daily life.  Luckily, with just a couple hours of your time, a month, year, or even a donation can help expedite the rebuilding process of rebuilding the life that once was in this new era post-Hurricane Katrina. 

There are dozens of organizations out there that have offer a variety of social services to the community.  Since 2005 they have provided a sense of hope when there was no light.  After the ashes have fallen, the community of New Orleans has risen from the ashes to once again flourish. 

what a wonderful world

Volunteers will have the chance to have hands on experiences with the rebuilding stages, seeing their work create change serving one meal at a time, reinventing environments, providing clean energy, adding more green, through education, or refurbishing a homebreak away from your normal routine.  Be the change, be an advocate, and dare to make a difference.